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Welcome to Virtual Baby Nurse

Virtual Baby Nurse is the babycare source and online companion for mothers and parents of newborn babies and infants.

If you are an expectant mother, a new mother, or the parents of a newborn or infant, you now have a place to go – a supportive hub – to get the advice and expertise you need, when you need it, from an experienced baby nurse who knows what really works for all aspects of newborn to first year babycare. The brainchild of babycare expert and baby nurse, Phillippa Williams, VBN offers the same caring personal assistance, experienced care, and essential information of a professional in-person baby nurse - only online to serve a global community.

This site is designed to provide you with support, education, and practical techniques based upon Williams’ time tested experience on each and every aspect of babycare. Phillippa Williams brings her unique brand of expertise to critical areas such as sleep technique, swaddling, feeding, bathing and more; allowing you and your new baby the ability to establish a routine that is comfortable and settled for the entire family.

With Virtual Baby Nurse, you get assistance and support online with all of the baby-related duties of a baby nurse including:

  • Breastfeeding -equipment set-up and instruction (i.e breast pump, sterilizer, monitors, mattress, toys) and lactation support (i.e referral to a lactation consultant).
  • Post delivery recovery period for new mothers and postpartum health.
  • Bottle preparations (breast milk and/or formula), cleaning, and sterilization.
  • Baby Care instruction from feeding, “burping,” “swaddling,” changing diapers, sleeping, baby nightly sleeping pattern, hygiene, crying, and more.
  • Handling baby illnesses & conditions
  • Childcare through the first year
  • Childproofing and safety in the home
  • Baby and mother’s health – including working with your pediatrician, vaccine schedules

VBN Membership: For individual personalized support and instruction, sign up for VBN membership- a comprehensive, yet cost effective way of literally engaging the services of a virtual baby nurse into your home 24/7.

About Phillippa

Babycare expert and baby nurse, Phillippa Williams, brings her unique expertise and years of professional experience to Virtual Baby Nurse; literally walking new mothers and parents through any baby related situation after giving birth. She founded VBN to share, support, and educate new mothers and parents online in her own time tested techniques on each aspect of baby care. On VBN, Williams is your virtual baby nurse. From sleep technique to swaddling, feeding and more, she offers a fresh perspective to babycare, and provides workable strategies for parents to become settled and comfortable with their newborns and infants.

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